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To create awareness regarding Innovation & Entrepreneurship among students.


After completion of our Landscpe canvas , we found a gap in our college regarding students awareness.

So we defined it as "Creating Awareness among students regarding I&E (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Startups".

This will be implemented by organising Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

We have applied for MHRD Incubation Centre and it's approved and activities regarding I&E will start soon.

Prototype Model


Deadline for Project

We will implement it by end of this Academic Year 2018-19.



The main aim of this strategic priority is to "Start an Inter-Disciplinary Zone"  in our college.


An interdisciplinary approach across a broad array of branches in our college.

In this zone, students share their ideas with the people of different branches and analyse the idea to comeup with a solution. They will also start implementing projects with the people of different disciplines.

In this way, we can create a environment where people from different branches can work in teams.

Prototype Model


Deadline for Project

We will implement it by end of this Academic Year 2018-19.



To Create a platform that  provides fund to students who have worth investing startup idea through Venture Development.


Raising the first set of funds is the basis for any startup, Funds are required to set up their startup. Finding investors is like finding water in a desert. Our idea is to provide a perfect platform mainly to fund the students who have worth investing startup idea.

Prototype Model


Deadline for Project

We will implement it by end of this Academic Year 2018-19.



To create awareness regarding higher studies and future.


Throughout their educational lives,students encounter many situations where they could benefit from unbiased advice. They may be in the process of choosing a stream or a career, deciding whether or not they should change careers , re-entering the workforce, or maybe wanting to learn more about career guidance in general - a complete knowledge always helps. A good foundation begins with the basics programs.

Prototype Model


Deadline for Project

We will implement it by end of this Academic Year 2018-19.



It's not all about ideas, it's about making ideas happen. So to encourage students towards innovation, an IDEASPACE need to be started. Follow are the few agendas that will help out to implement this idea.

1. First of all, the actual motto i.e. To develop the innovativeness in  students, should be made clear to the students so that they show interest in the space. They should not feel this as a burden to them.

2.  Secondly, the challenge is to build up different clubs under this space like Design club, Coders Club, Communicators Club, Management Club, etc. A student from final year will be declared as a leader to each group.

3. The students starting from 2nd year can get enrolled in any club. But the enrolment will be done by the leader based on the guidelines of the club.

4. Once the clubs are formed, weekly assignments will be given which will be fun to do. Every Saturday, evaluation will be done. Based on the progress of a student, he/she will get grades which will help them out in their academic assessment.

5. Each leader will choose a sub-leader. When the leader will be graduated, his sub-leader can take the incharge of the Club.



Providing the students a platform to build a project that would be actually useful to the campus. The students are the one who knows the problems that everyone is facing at the campus.

1. Each department will be provide a leader. If anyone from the class has an idea to implement at college, he/she can represent it to the leader. The leader can then put up this idea in front of the management team.

2. Once the project is been approved by the management, the student/s can start working under the guidance of a faculty leader.

3. The aid to the project will be provided by the college.




Students have no proper guidance and awareness about different careers to choose after completion of engineering in the university, leading to unemployment (Over 80% engineering students are unemployable)

1. A proper orientation should be given from an experienced resource person about different careers after engineering, we shall include the presentations of design thinking and lean startup during the orientation Programme so that interested candidates can chose innovation and entrepreneurship as career.

2. Identifying and grouping the students who love to excel with similar careers.

3. Each group should meet weekly and must plan a schedule for a semester term for the different activities to be held.

4. Every group should select a representative team of four members each from individual years.

5. The representative team of every group should report monthly to all the stakeholders and a member governing all the groups.

6. Every group should organize events, competitions and inviting resource persons for power talks by raising funds.

7. Every group should form groups in social networking sites so that the final year students stay connected even after leaving university after completion of engineering.

With the help of team formed for MISSION-1 Will design the schedule of events each group by taking assistance from the particular career experts in a way so that the student never lose interest.

As a prototype for mission -2, the some part plan would be implemented in CSE Department this October month and take feedback and perfectly start the mission on Dec. 5th in whole campus as semester end exams are in November



STRATEGY #4: Campus Talks

"Every news in and around the campus must reach every student in the campus.”

Every resource made available by the college can be utilised in a productive way only if every student gets to know of it. And for this we came up with a solution the smart way.

The need of the hour is that Students are unable to recognise the different kinds of activities happening in and around college. This is because there are a number of classes and the canvassing panel members has to go around each class and share the announcement every now and then. But other than this there is no other way of communicating to the students about the workshops, competitions or any other activities going on.

Also if the students are not present during the time the announcements are being made then there is no way for them except for word of mouth to know about what they have missed. As a result low participation is observed much to the disappointment of the organisers and the other students alike.

Our solution to this challenge would be creating an App. As every student now is an ardent mobile user they would get notifications right at their fingertips.

This App would contain the following sections and will be accessible both by the faculty and the students thus again broadening the communication channel between the facilitators and the participants.

Information on Events: Full details about all the upcoming events in and around the college will be available and updated timely.

Results or exam notifications: College results and notifications of other exams are viewed only through the official website until now. Also the students had to check every now and then to see if there is an update. The introduction of the app would mean students will automatically get regular updates and they won't need to check each and every time.  

Attendance manager: This will be to keep a check on the students attendance on a daily basis both by the students themselves and the faculty.

College layout direction map: Basic information for anyone new to navigate in college.




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