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Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering (VVCE) is one of India's leading educational institutions for engineering. VVCE is a part of the Vidyavardhaka Sangha (VVS) which is a reflection of the vision of Late Sahukar Channaih and Late K. Puttaswamy (Former Minister of Karnataka) to impart quality education to all sections of the society. There are ten educational institutions starting from nursery to post graduation courses all belonging to the community of VVS. At present, VVS is under the able guidance and leadership of Sri Gundappa Gowda, President, Sri Shivalingappa B, Vice President, Sri P. Vishwanath, Secretary and Sri Srishaila Ramannavar, Treasurer.

With the aim to be a leading Institution in engineering and management education enabling individuals for significant contribution to the society, VVCE has grown leaps and bounds sicne its inception in 1997 to become one of the leading educational institutions of the country. The college is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, approved by AICTE, New Delhi and recognized by Govt. of Karnataka. VVCE functions through its Board of Governors constituted as per AICTE guidelines. It has been accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) India and has been awarded with A grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) India.

The college is under the able leadership of Dr. B. Sadashive Gowda as Principal, who has rich experience in industry and education field both in India and abroad. Five UG programs are accredited by National Board of Accreditation, New Delhi. The college has excellent infrastructure coupled with qualified and passionate faculty team to provide a perfect learning ambience. The college has also taken stringent measures as per AICTE norms to prevent any incidents of ragging.


VVCE offers an impressive array of educational programs and options inclusive of some of the best engineering divisions. It supports the students not only in terms of academics but also in overall personality development. To make sure that students are clear about their fundamentals, VVCE provides a plethora of subjects, extra curricular and co curricular activities which improves the I&E. The institution also encourages the students to participate in various clubs and extra curricular activities to improve the all-round development of the students. During the 21 days induction program for the freshman students, separate slots are provided for all the clubs so that the students have a better idea about the different aspects of the institution. It also permits students to make use of laboratories 24/7.

  • Open Source Lab which is a 24/7 access lab for students who are interested in learning and implementing their ideas on projects.
  • V Innovate' is one of the peer tutoring organization which is currently associated with CL Educate Research.
  • 'E-Yantra' is a platform for students to enchance thier practical knowledge.
  • 'Pixel Hut'  is the club which captures the magical moments of the event in the college.
  • 'AutoMatrix' is a community which supports mechanical growth.
  • 'Bookads' is a community for readers to gather and ponder on the fiction & discuss the reality.
  • 'TEDxVVCE' is a program where ideas worth spreading across the globe are given exposure to inspire the students to work towards improving themselves and their community,
  • 'Google Developer Student Club' is a club which gives students a platform to grow their knowledge on developer technologies and more through peer to peer workshops and events and gain relevant industry experience.
  • Aspera’ the Entrepreneurship-cell of the college conducts various events related to entrepreneurship and gives a path for students to explore the same.
  • 'Vrutanth' is a club which educates the students about nature and creates an awareness about the importance of wildlife.
  • 'Toastmasters' which provides a great platform for the students to develop their leadership and public speaking skills.
  • Incubation centre’ where the college allows students to have their experience in startup and entrepreneurship.

It also aims to provide various training programs to its students so that they are well versed with communication, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Trainers from across the country and affiliated to premier institutions come and train the students in the above mentioned areas every week. Few of training programs are-

 Other facilities provided by the college for improving the innovation and entrepreneurship outcomes are -

  • Mini Project competitions which is held twice a year to make sure students come up with solutions to the problems in an effective way.
  • Encouragaing student innovation by introducing Undergraduate Research.
  • Idea presentation and Paper presentations.
  • Inter College and Inter Department Competitions
  • Hackathons 
  • Barcamp
  • Workshops

Academically, subjects like Elements of Mechanical EngineeringProgramming in C and Data structuresBasic Electrical EngineeringElements of Civil Engineering, Basic Electronics and Basic Sciences (PhysicsChemistryMaths) are taught to the first year students to strengthen their foundation. There are subjects like Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Management which are one of the very informative subjects required by an individual who aspires to be an entrepreneur. The MBA department also provides various courses, helps budding managers and entrepreneurs.


The faculties at VVCE are also encouraged in innovation and entrepreneurship. They are encouraged to attend workshops, seminars, etc. and later share their learning experience and concepts with the other faculties and students as well. Research, idea generation and paper presentation are given priority and the management ensures flexible working hours for those doing research. The main idea is to improve faculty experience and encourage them to come up with solutions of problems.

The faculties at Vidyavardhaka are also encouraged to attend national and international events related to their areas of interest so that they gain required learning outcomes. Faculty Development Programs (FDP) are conducted regularly to enhance the skills of all the faculties.

The previous cohort of the Univeristy Innovation Fellows conducted a Design Thinking Workshop for the all teh faculty members of the institution with positive attendance and feedback from the faculty.


The university technology transfer function provided to the students at VVCE consists of

  • Wurth Electronics
  • Placement training by Infosys 
  • Entrepreneurship Cell and
  • Companies in the Incubation Centre (Dvizira, Design Infuse etc.)


VVCE has current tie-ups with various companies like Infosys, IBM, HP, Sankalp Group, Brigade Group and many more. It is also tied-up with others organizations such as Princeton Review, Wurth Electronics, IEEE, ACM, SMIE and CL educate. The training and placement department works in close co-ordination with the Industry Relations Executives and the Department Placement Coordinators (DPC) which comprises of both students and faculty members nominated from individual departments. Faculties are also encouraged to build their network off-campus by attending workshops conducted in various industries and teaching and sharing their experience with the students.


The college has always encouraged both it’s students and faculties for developmental efforts towards the society. Few of projects that the students and faculties are working on are traffic control, agricultural related and also device for the physically challenged. Various other research activities and papers are being worked on by students and faculties.

The students of VVCE have developed projects like 'Automated Wheelchair with Gesture Control' and 'Eco friendly Refrigerators' and others to help the society. The college also houses a unit of NSS, Red Cross and NCC to help encourage selfless societal acts among its students.

Recently the college has even adopted a small village by the name Hirikyathanahalliś with the aim of improving the infrastructure and the lifestyles of the people living there.

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2018 Cohort:

Anushree Rao

Apoorva Singh


Peeyusha Shivayogi

Shashank Mohan Athreya

2019 Cohort:

Nimesh M

Pratheek R Bhat

Brunda Sathish

Umesh A

2020 Cohort:

Varsha Chandrashekar

Krishnakanth Pai B

Numaan Ahmed Daulatabad

Avinash Arun Nadig

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