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Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology (VVIT), was accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council with an "A" grade certification, with the respective branches - ECE, IT, EEE, CSE, CE and ME - being accredited by the National Bureau of Accredition. The campus is located amidst the lush greenery away from hustle and bustle of city life, in the village of Nambur, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The campus is partly run by a 100kW solar power plant, which showcases the usage of green and clean energy by our institute.

VVIT offers undergraduate courses in the following disciplines:

Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, CSE(ArtificiaI Intelligence & Machine Learning), CSE(Internet of Things), CSE(IoT and Cyber Security including Blockchain Technology) and Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

VVIT also offers post graduate courses in CSE - Computer Science & Engineering, ECE - VLSI & Embedded Systems Design, EEE - Power Electronics & Electrical Drives, Mech - Machine Design, Civil - Structural Engineering.

Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The focus of VVIT is not only to educate the students but to inspire them to think innovatively and contribute to the society. Our institute has Institution's Innovation Council under the guidance of experts. IIC has a separate space in the college which acts as a platform for innovative thinking.

First among its kind established in India, the objective of commencing Google Code Labs at VVIT has been to introduce corporate culture to the students, to bring about an increase in industry level exposure, as well as maintain product development vibes on campus.

The objective was maintained with various sessions and workshops which brought consistency in the development of real time applications. It is also serving as an incentive for the host Universities to be involved in our training program. It is acting as a platform for students and developers. 

VVIT is happy to confirm that the intended objective has been maintained through various sessions and workshops, which have served to bring a consistency in the development of real time applications. It has also been serving as an incentive for host Universities to be involved in our training program. It’s acting as a platform for students and developers alike.

One of the best developer programs started taking place in this very Code labs right after its inauguration - The Nano-Degree certification program from Udacity, with the support of APSSDC. It first started with Android programming, where workshops initially took place for introduction. This later continued with 20 students from 2019 batch to pursue certification in it, which also helped them to pursue good jobs in their career. It continued with the same certification for 2020 students and took a new initiative for front-end development certification from Udacity. We’ve also had major league hackathon by GitHub, Indo-Nordic Innovation Acceleration Cluster(INIAC) and NASA SpaceApps challenge. 

Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

VVIT not only strives for excellence of the students, but also takes care of its faculty. It highly encourages the faculty to organize and participate in workshops, training sessions, national conferences etc. It always provides conducive atmosphere for the faculty to research & develop, and ensures their active participation. Many workshops, National-level seminars/conferences, training programs are hosted by various departments throughout the year. There is always a strong support and encouragement for the faculty in publishing research papers and projects. 

Some of the links about the research papers and workshops attended by faculty are mentioned below:

University Technology Transfer Function

VVIT has been recognised as Centre of Excellence by Siemens in collaboration with APSSDC. They established highly sophisticated, fully equipped Labs worth of INR 13 million. These help students to develop skills to meet the present day industrial needs. The IIC Cell supports many students to visit different universities to adopt new practices. VVIT along with APSSDC are proud to announce  the establishment of Google Code Labs, first of its kind in India.

University - Industry Collaboration

The students of VVIT have succeeded in establishing their identity as a new breed of winners in the academic and the corporate world. Over the last few years, they have taken full advantage of emerging placement opportunities in the fast growing service sector of the booming Indian Economy.

VVIT is proud to have 10 Industry MoUs and 7 Training MoUs. The list includes premier organizations like Infosys, APSSDC, Monster, TCS - ION etc.

Following is the list of MoUs signed:

Industrial MoUs:
  • Infosys Campus Connect
  • Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation
  • Jawahar Knowledge Center
  • Indian School of Business
  • Quality People
  • Robotics Core School
  • Social Agro Industries
  • M.Govinda & Sons
  • Kalpah

Training MoUs:
  • Cocubes
  • Monster
  • Seventh Sense
  • Ikya Global
  • Talents Show
  • Oompfh

Regional and Local Economic Development

VVIT, a social responsibility initiative, adopted a village named Brahmana Koduru to help them improve their standards of living in this fast growing world. VVIT has become one of the top three colleges under JNTU Kakinada in significantly less time as it was established only 10 years ago. VVIT projects and labs are partly funded by APSSDC.

Regional meetup @ VVIT

VVIT UIF got a wondrous opportunity to host a regional meetup on our campus. The meet up was held for 3 days from 31 January 2020 to 2 February 2020 in the VVIT campus. It became the first-ever student-led meetup for both the fellows and faculty champions in India. The meetup was designed around our theme "Global Partnership for sustainable development" and was presided by Ghanashyam (UIF India Program Manager), FABs from different cohorts, fellows, non-fellows, student leaders from the campus and faculty champions! A total of 90 people attended the meetup and it was a special and unparalleled experience for us, the fellows at VVIT. We had design thinking challenges, speaker sessions that were lauded by the audience, fun activities, sessions by the fabs, career counsel panels, company visit and many more!


The first day witnessed ignites from two fellows including one from our very own campus fellow followed by speaker sessions by Mr. Venkat from APNRT and Abhay Rangan, UI Fellow and founder of plant-based dairy products company, Goodmylk. Followed by Efftronics company visit where we have all learned about design thinking applications in technical aspects. Finally, the last day observed a few more ignites by FABs, career counsel panels by faculty champions and FABs about employment and start-up culture, and, speaker series by Mr. Shailesh Krishna from ITC, Guntur and Mr. Karayil Suresh, faculty champion at VVIT. The meet ended with a thunderous applaud and a great photo session. It was a great learning experience and also one of the most fun times for us and also the fellows, from the feedback received. It was definitely one of a kind :)


Apart from curriculum, VVIT also encourages students to bring out their passions through various clubs. It offers fine arts such as painting, dance, music, theatre arts and on the other hand provides clubs like animation. VVIT prides itself on having great NSS volunteers with social responsibility and NCC cadets with their patriotic streak.

Every year, VVIT organizes a 33KM walk in the memory of Sri Swamy Vivekananda birth anniversary by the name of National Integration Walk. The walk starts a Muslim Dargah, and continues along the way of a Jain Temple, a Church, and finally concludes at a Temple, thereby intergrating several religions.

VVIT hosts a national-level techno-cultural fest, VIVA-VVIT with 50+ events, attracting large number of students, around 5000 visitors every year. Student Activity Council (SAC) of the college organizes the fest and also all other extracurricular activities taken up by the college. 

VVIT in association with Andhra Pradesh State Skill Developent Corporation (APSSDC) hosted a workshop on Android developers by Google. 

VVIT supported the formation of Guntur Toastmasters club, which has been initiated by a student from the college. Now the club is attended by several students from other colleges as well.

VVIT organized a series of Wikipedia Edit-a-thons, to train the students and staff to contribute to the world's largest free knowledge movement, the Wikimedia movement. As a results of these, a Wikipedia Club namely "VVIT WikiConnect" was formed, and has been performing consistently.

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