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The University of Canberra(UC), was established in 1967 and is located in the heart of the nation’s capital Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. An institution with a keen focus on work-integrated learning is shared across UC's five faculties: Science and Technology; Education; Arts and Design; Businesses, Government and Law and Health.University of Canberra has continued to rise to sit at number 34 in the 2019 Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings

With the release of its latest strategic plan for 2018-2022, the University of Canberra will be endeavoring for a renewed emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation through integrated learning and research:

"UC will make authentic experiential and entrepreneurial learning a distinctive feature of every student's education, striving to national leadership in this field. This will prepare graduates who are fit not just for finding employment but also creating it"

Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship

Interest in Entrepreneurship amongst students has been steadily growing at The University of Canberra over the last decade with a recent spiking of societies that cater towards the growing interest. There are now various clubs forged by students that continue to bring awareness and facilitate I&E ties with community, including;

​Entrepreneurial Based Student Societies

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Group UC

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Group provide a ground for idea exchange and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation within Canberra and its surrounds. The group hosts and supports various events in I&E.


A Student Undergraduate developer organisation at UC. Their mission statement: To Develop. That’s it. Whether it’s your app, or your new Facebook or a less hackable Census, the University of Canberra Student Developer Organisation exists for you.

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The University of Canberra is currently transitioning through their strategic plan for 2018-2022. A key goal is to make new models of authentic and entrepreneurial learning to be a feature of all courses, including the use of co-working spaces and start-up training. Currently the University of Canberra has several undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, majors and individual units available with more scheduled for 2020 enrollment. Flexible study options empower students to design their degrees incorporating majors across faculties including double degrees. University of Canberra is bridging the divide between education and business by facilitating experiential and entrepreneurial learning, with opportunities for course driven work placements and internships across business, government, not-for profit and start up sectors.


          Master of Design Strategies (2020)

          Master of Business Administration (2020)

          Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

          Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Information Technology

          Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Science in Psychology

          Bachelor of Politics and International Relations/ Bachelor of Business



In an Australian first, the University of Canberra has begun a course in Indigenous and Cultural Entrepreneurship. This program utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to Indigenous entrepreneurship. Students explore historical accounts and practices of Indigenous peoples from around the globe focusing on Australia, Pacifica and North America.The unit holistically reviews entrepreneurial aspects of social interaction that predates and often operates outside of western accepted management and modern entrepreneurial theory, examining the socio-economic attributes of entrepreneurial or commercial activity within an Indigenous understanding or standpoint.

  • Indigenous and Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation Toolbox
  • Strategic Design for New Economies
  • Design Incubator
  • Design Led Innovation
  • Creative Thinking
  • Designpreneurship
  • Social Enterprise
  • Business Start Up Essentials


Along with 31 courses whose basis lies in entrepreneurship: 

As UC offers a broad range of study patterns to it's students, in recognition of this the university has courses delivered in partnership with Ducere Global Business school, with degrees that offer industry-focused learning experiences based on a global business curriculum.

Facilitating university-industry collaboration

UC provides a range of pathway options for students who wish to pursue their entrepreneurial start-up venture, some of which are on-campus whilst others remain in close proximity to the Canberra region. This continual encouragement of innovation and co-creation is evident it's growing prominence around campus.

The Millhouse Clinic.

The Mill House Ventures is committed to supporting the business growth and impact of Indigenous and social enterprise including not-for-profit and for-profit social ventures. Offering a place for new-ventures to thrive, clients can choose to work collaboratively through skills development initiatives in the Accelerator as well as access professional services through the student-led Mill House Clinic, newly located on campus

A social enterprise accelerator whose mission is to grow a high-quality pipeline of investible social venture. Another major focus of the Millhouse is to improve student’s connectivity with business resources in and outside the campus. The Millhouse acts as a connectivity node at the University of Canberra, bridging the divide between students' study and passions for entrepreneurship and innovation. The Millhouse works in partnership with Faculty to place students in start-up ventures and social enterprise ventures. The Millhouse is able to assist students with their entrepreneurship ventures by connecting them to mentors, coaching and accelerator programs and VC, both in-house and through the wider Canberra business region, including the CBR Innovation Network.


CBR Innovation Network:  

A community of innovators and entrepreneurs working together towards a vision of Canberra globally recognized as a clever, connected creative city where innovation and entrepreneurship fuel social and economic growth.

Mentorship and accelerator programs

●        OK RDY: a mentorship and skilled-volunteer matching platform with an initial focus on connecting students to professionals and organizations

●        E29. A co-working space for start ups and entrepreneurs in Canberra

●        UC workshop: a manufacturing facility accessible to all students with a range of 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC machine and a comprehensive range of tools for metal, plastic and wood works.


​Incubator Programs:

Engaging with Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts

The University of Canberra is renowned for their work integrated learning (WIL) and strong ties to Industry. With practical work-based projects in every course, UC's commitment to preparing professional and highly employable graduates is paramount to ensuring it places its students in a prime position upon graduation.

An action proposed by UC that is currently in development is to redevelop their intellectual property policies to create a sector-leading environment for IP ownership and enable student and staff to more easily participate in commercial and social venture. Some examples of past, present and continuing industry collaboration project include

  • The Studio Project for Industrial Design students that will be run in collaboration with Breville (Sydney) which occurs annually with third-year students.
  • Lower Limb Proprioception device (AMEDA) -Developed in collaboration with Industrial Design Professors and UC Physiotherapy honors students-  along with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 
  • UC hospital offer placement and hand on experience to medical students.
  • A partnership with Innovyz, Circular Economy Commercialisation Program
  • CSIRO - ON. Australia's national science and technology accelerator program, powered by CSIRO.

Start- Up Companies

As of present (September 2019) , there are no start-up companies that have occurred out of UC.

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