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Universidad del Desarrollo was founded in Concepción, Chile, in the year 1990. At the beginning, in only one city, its goal was bringing excellence to the education of its students. Nowadays, it stands in two cities; Santiago (the capital of Chile) and Concepción, and is a pioneer within innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

In this very long and narrow country, both headquarters are always connected and contributing to form students capable of solving problems and innovating with solutions to help their ecosystem and our country.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Almost from its beginning, UDD has been keen to innovation and entrepreneurship. One of the main reasons students choose to study there is because of  this innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

In order to take this spirit into something tangible, different areas and faculties are developing and already developed many programs, clubs and funds. There are ventures, incubators, counseling and other tools to help entrepreneurs and innovators achieve their goals or ideas.
The range is wide, there are tools that help students from the very beginning and others that provide all the needs to complete a project.

Besides this, there has been an important investment in technology, another aspect in which this University is pioneer in Chile.

Innovation and Development Vice-Rectory

Every UDD-innovation department belongs to the  I&D vice-rectory.This entity has been created under the beliefs of Universidad del Desarrollo and it is in charge of providing students and graduated students to help them grow in every aspect of what they are trying to achieve.
For this matter, inside the vice rectory, the community can find many programs, funds, incubators and tools to develop, grow and to finance their projects and dreams.
One of its departments, iCubo, is in charge of two new spaces where students meet to find solutions and express their ideas.


Following a co-work idea, UDD recently founded two spaces for students from different disciplines to work with each other; “Espacio I” in Concepción and “Plaza I” in Santiago.

Both places look for innovative and entrepreneurial students to meet and start working in an interdisciplinary way.


“Espacio I” is a room where the innovation club from Concepción works and meets (alongside other students). Currently, two fellows-to be form a part of that team.

“Plaza I” is a co-work building in which students reunite and develop projects from themselves. The goal there is to make everything interdisciplinary, so that the ideas of each student are tackled in every possible aspect.

This spaces are contributing to the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem for students at Universidad del Desarrollo. This inversions are promoting the University goals and developing a better way to teach students to find solutions in teams.

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

Throughout its beginnings Universidad del Desarrollo has always been committed in forming students who are constantly searching for opportunities to create and innovate in different aspects that surround people everyday. In this matter, the University encourages students to consider in every step of the way their ethical behavior and to accept challenges and uncertainty. This elements represent the commitment of Universidad del Desarrollo to be a part of the globalized world and to form professionals that participate working as teams in solving necessities of the industry.

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