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The University of Cincinnati (UC or Cincinnati) is a public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 1819 as Cincinnati College, it is the oldest institution of higher education in Cincinnati and has an annual enrollment of over 44,000 students, making it the second-largest university in Ohio. It is part of the University System of Ohio. The university has four major campuses with Cincinnati's main campus and medical campus in Clifton Heights and branch campuses in Blue Ash and Clermont.

Focus #1

Innovation Passport

This innovation passport would encourage students to explore a program that is outside of their own major. We think that this would be incredibly beneficial as students don't have the time to explore their interests outside of their own majors. We know that students want to learn about all these different opportunities and resources on campus so having an incentivized roadmap to help them get there would be the extra push that is needed. This would also be incredibly beneficial to show a diverse and well-rounded portfolio when students are out looking for outside jobs.

  • Find Overlap with existing UC Resources / programs
  • Strongly encourage interdisciplinary work around passions outside of major
  • Incentives through BoK equivalent work
  • Incentives through Cincinnatus hour earnings
  • Integrate system with an existing platform and design interface

Focus #2

Innovation Teams

  • Create a matching system to link student with complementary traits
  • Find ways to integrate with existing groups on campus (LCs, Design Chanllenge cohort)
  • Operation system - create feedback mechanism to track the progress of groups, reassign people if groups aren't working
  • Mix of both group and individual activitues to encourage both and collaboration and individual achievement

Focus #3

Innovation Micro-Credentials

  • Find events / classes / programs that can become microcredential activieties.
  • Reach out to people on campus who can promote this program
  • Find incentives to encourage people to participate (Medals / Cords)
  • Decide upon the best subjects to include as mirco-credentials
  • Test run micro-credential program with interested students

Focus #4

Student Project Forum

  • A place to assemble a team for interdiciplinary work -- find the skills and talents
  • Encourage a community of projects and learning
  • Design an interface forum
  • A place to share successes and ask for advice