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Project 1: Career Marketplace
Creating a Career Marketplace at Elizabeth City State University

Key Tactics:

  • Cater to small business owners
  • Use our campus-wide connection, the Vikings Engage app, to communicate this idea to connect with the student body.
  • Partnering with the Business Department in helping organize the events based on mentorship of professors.
  • Give the opportunity to all majors.


The idea for the implementation of the Career Marketplace, here at Elizabeth City State University would have its beneficial factors of establishing Innovation & Entrepreneurship skills. The student body already has a collective group of individuals that own their small businesses and even those that seek to be business owners. Everybody here at ECSU values entrepreneurial and innovative skills no matter the major that you may be pursuing. The Career marketplace will be an event that occurs either weekly or bi-weekly throughout the semester: that has multiple slots available for students to post up their products and services in the venue, the Moore Hall building, and sell to their prospective products to the student body, faculty, staff, and alumni. This project will help drive profit for the participating students and help establish more I&E projects that can help benefit students as an external source of knowledge from their respective majors.

Project 2: Creative Space

Key Tactics:

  • Cater to creative mind thinkers: artists, digital media, musicians, and aspiring thinkers.
  • Open to all students that need a creative space for their creativity.
  • Have it accessible and well equipped with the correct equipment.


The Creative Space project will help give students the platform and resources to explore their interest in the arts and creative minds. This primarily caters to artists, musicians, and aspiring thinkers but isn't limited to those peers. The space would be a great opportunity to partner with different departments such as Digital Media, Business Administration, Career Development, Fine Arts, and STEM departments. This project would take place on campus making it accessible to commuters and students living on campus to help their expressive thoughts. Innovation & Entrepreneurship does not always have to cater to Business majors but to every major. The Characteristics and skills of I&E can benefit every student in their goals for their futures.

Project 3: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Key Tactics:

  • Educate students on Innovation and Entrepreneurship within their major.
  • Give students the opportunity to earn credit hours gaining knowledge on I&E.
  • The workshop and course can be added to their resumes


Implementing an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop on campus will allow students to learn about I&E within their majors. The workshop would be made available for all students of any classification. Students who are Business Administration, Aviation Science, and Digital Media majors are highly encouraged to attend, but if you're a Social Work, STEM, or English major, this workshop would be open to you as well. Innovation and Entrepreneurship can be found in all majors, so let's encourage that through this workshop.