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Qiaochu Yang is University Innovation Fellow and a second year architecture student at the University of Canberra.                                      


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Once lost and confused, Qiaochu made many poor life decisions after graduating from high school, one of which is the time consuming restoration of a 1976 British sports saloon. He finally quit his degree in geological science after performing poorly but learnt the importance of passion and dedication. 


Since then he found a profound sense of fulfillment after commencing his journey in architecture at the University of Canberra. Architecture really should have been his first choice as Andrew grew up experiencing diverse cultures and ideas. Since a young age he sought to use drawings, paintings and models as a way to represent real and imaginary worlds. During his final year at high school, these skills aided him to win a design award and internship opportunity at Thomson Adsett Architects, an international architecture firm based in Brisbane. 


With help of many other students at the University of Canberra, he is able to initiate a program to integrate students from different year levels to share knowledge and a platform for peer learning support. Beyond his dedication to the university, he is working on a collection of hypothetical projects and writings where much of his time goes to exploring concepts of postmodernism, technology and mass fabrication of architecture within the framework of critical theory. Drawing similarity between architecture and garment making, he is currently designing and prototyping a line of menswear that criticize marginalization of tectonic/construction methods in the age of mass production. 


In his private life he also a vintage motoring enthusiast, covering a 2000km rally on a 63 years old motorcycle in 2018. As an avid film and digital photographer his photograph documenting his journey were requested by the Classic BMW Motorrader Magazine.


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Amannda Huot Spring 2018 
Belinda Harris Fall 2019