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Jose Ruiz Carrera
School (Cohort)
Universidad del Desarrollo (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Business and Management


Jose Ruiz Carrera is a Business and Administration student at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) in Concepción, Chile. He is very passionate for sports, social activities and for innovation. He has also participated in some volunteering such as "Vive La Calle", where he worked with homeless people, and CONIC, which is the organization that groups every student assemble from every business school in Chile, where he was the General Secretary. Gato (His Nickname) has come a long way through innovation. It all started when he was in High School, where he won a special innovation contest for german schools. Then at UDD, he got the Innovation minor degree, what motivated him to join into "Innovadores del Futuro", a special program between UDD and Stanford. After that, he felt that his life needed new adventures, so he joined the European Innovation Academy, where alongside a group of students, created a Ransomware Prevention Software, which was awarded with the "Trademark Artisan Award" by Nixon Peabody. Currently he is the president of the student assembly of business and administration in UDD, and he is doing an internship at CIDERE BIO BIO, working on a reforestation project for native areas, in order to supply the locals for developing handcrafted products. Now he is facing his ultimate challenge, becoming a Fellow.


During his short life, he has achieved few things, but very important to him, like the "Trademark Artisan Award", or becoming president of the Student Assembly. Most of his achievements are on the sports area, during his younger years, he played Handball, where he learned how to teamwork and the team spirit.

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