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Constanza Standen Paulsen
School (Cohort)
Universidad del Desarrollo (2020 cohort)
Majoring in


Constanza Standen is a Chilean Business student, at Universidad del Desarrollo, in her way to become a Fellow.

From a very young age, her call came from the public service which drove her to participate at her university in various social programs and in many different projects from different NGOs. Her favorite, is to cook at a local soup kitchen where she can spend time talking with elderly people, people on the street and young immigrants.

After a vocational breakup in the year 2015, Constanza decided to follow her dream and, supported by her family, she changed her studies from Law school to a Business mayor and started her own business. At Kallen she travels the world and gets to know many cultures by trading with them and bringing new manufactured products to Chile and other Latin-American markets.

Constanza is very passionate about chilean culture and local identity, that is why she spends her free time studying indigenous history and actively participates in a Rodeo Club to keep Chilean traditions alive.

About Constanza you must now she is a bookworm and that her thousand hobbies go from knitting to snowboarding and loves horse riding.


Constanza Standen's biggest public achievement was to be a part of the national campaign "Siempre por la Vida" which supported a project that became a law stating that May 25th was a commemorative day for Unborn children and Adoptions. In this campaign a 19 years old Constanza acted as a regional group leader. This law served as a start for many other related laws that consigned perinatal palliative care as universal care in Chile.

In a more personal level, Constanzas biggest achievement is traveling by herself throughout the world getting to know different people from many different cultures.

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