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Eric Rickabaugh is a Senior at Kettering University majoring in Industrial Engineering. He has been involved with the Kettering Entrepreneur Society (KES) and a founding member of Kettering Building Innovation and Networking (Kettering-BIN) and the Society of Creative Learners at Kettering. His industrial engineering interest stems from being a fourth generation member of his family’s metal fabrication business. He received his Michigan welding certification at age sixteen and Solidworks Associate Certification at eighteen. His experience with production welding and working with multiple CAD programs for the past four years inspired his educational focus on improving manufacturing efficiency. He is always searching for innovative ways to accomplish a task in an easier and more efficient manner. When not studying or working, he loves learning about new robotic technologies, listening to books on tape, traveling, and trying new foods. Eric is excited work with others and help thos achieve their goals.

Serving as a UIF Since: 2017

School: Kettering University

What doesnow: Works, Studies, Helps Innovators.

What that means: When I'm not working at my co-op, studying, or playing games you can see me helping others in their projects and guiding them in how to achieve their goals

Contact about: Innovation, Industrial Engineering, CAD, Business, Games, ... Anything if I don't know if I know someone who does.

Email: rick5397@kettering.edu

Phone: 517-262-1814

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