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This is the Rutgers the State University of New Jersey category. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, stands among America’s highest-ranked, most diverse public research universities. The oldest, largest, and top-ranked public university in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, you’ll find us at our main locations in three New Jersey cities, and our footprint can be seen around the region. We’re an academic, health, and research powerhouse and a university of opportunity.


Campus Overview


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is a public research university based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Rutgers is a land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant university, as well as the largest university in the state. Instruction is offered by 9,000 faculty members in 175 academic departments to over 45,000 undergraduate students and more than 20,000 graduate and professional students. The university is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance, the Association of American Universities and the Universities Research Association.

Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship

Rutgers offers a variety of initiatives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship living-learning community allows like-minded freshman and transfer students to form strong connections through a close-knit community. Programs such as the Road to Silicon Valley (RSVP) and the Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) pave the way to help students become leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Hult Prize competition encourages students to work together to pitch innovative ideas that can change the world. A more detailed list of programs can be found on the Rutgers Landscape Canvas.

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

The Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) facilitates the development of new research projects through seed funding to new teams and proposal support for large-scale projects. ORI also provides strategic support to faculty pursuing early-career research grants and prestigious fellowships. Innovation Ventures is to partner with the Rutgers community to encourage deliberate innovation, protect and leverage Rutgers intellectual property, foster collaboration with industry, and enable entrepreneurship. The Rutgers I-Corps also supports faculty to help transition their technology concepts into the marketplace. The Rutgers I-Corps program will provide advice, resources, networking opportunities, training and modest funding to assist teams with the commercialization process and/or into becoming applicants for the National I-Corps™ program.  

Actively supporting the university technology transfer function

Innovation Ventures offers technology support for innovation projects. Researchers are able to submit a notice of invention, and receive help from the team to understand the patentability and market potential of your invention and prepare a technology assessment report. If the invention is ready for patenting, Innovation Ventures will also help file a provisional application with the USPTO and pay the filing costs.

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

Rutgers works with a variety of industry partners in research and innovation. The career and internship fair brings in hundreds of companies to recruit Rutgers students for internships and jobs. The Corporate Engagement Center also provides a front door into Rutgers, advises on comprehensive industry partnerships, connects faculty and companies and develops engagement opportunities with students.

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts

Partnerships with community residents, local organizations, and major institutions put Rutgers’ knowledge-based resources to work throughout the greater New Brunswick area. The Rutgers Business School offers pre-college diversity and mentoring programs to help students from low-income families and first-generation minority students gain a strong foothold at college and retain the future talent of New Jersey. Providing access to higher education for these students will lead to enhanced economic growth in New Jersey cities.

Landscape Canvas

Landscape Canvas Fall 2021


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