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Change Model Canvas Insights

Jothornton207 (talkcontribs)

When preparing for the Stakeholder meeting, the Change Model Canvas was a lifesaver. The Change Model Canvas helped my partner and me organize our presentation. The Change Model Canvas helped us note which topics we needed to discuss when presenting information to faculty, students, and staff. The Change Model Canvas gave us a new way to concise the large amounts of information we originally had. The canvas also allowed us to tap into our creative side. While observing the Population Segments, Key Activities, Key Partners, Value Propositions, Pathways, Relationships, Revenue Streams, Sustainability Strategy, and Cost Structure we found ourselves brainstorming different ways to present our idea.

Dlgarza418 (talkcontribs)

The Change Model Canvas was honestly very helpful in how to organize our approach to our project. When conducting our interviews and meetings we used the change model canvas as our guide in how to approach our idea to the faculty and staff. We adapted the change model canvas into a PowerPoint to make it easier to conduct our presentation and helped make sure we covered every aspect of our proposal. While conducting the interviews we came to a realization that our end goal is something new to Elizabeth City State University, it helped us realize that a key part of our plan is to provide for the benefit of the student body and the change model canvas helped us show that in detail and depth.

Hinds.sa57 (talkcontribs)

The interviews and Change Model Canvases were helpful in organizing the steps forward. It was helpful to hear from stakeholders and faculty what they thought of our ideas and how the would work. Many of the stakeholders we talked to have been at George Fox for a while and have seen some of our ideas attempted but not sustained. This made us realize that one of the biggest obstacles we are facing is sustainability, we really need to think about what will happen to this project once we are no longer students at George Fox. Other obstacles that came up in this process are funding and getting students involved. Students are not that willing to get involved in larger projects unless it is a requirement, because they just don't have time.

Fathinahai (talkcontribs)

Through Change Model Canvas, I was able to put all my ideas into a more concrete forms. It helps us, Universitas Indonesia team, to communicate better to our stakeholders by creating a presentation that highlights the points we put in CMC. We are asked to think about who should we partner with, what kind of engagement strategies, etc that we actually delivered during the stakeholder meeting for further clarification. Hence, we were able to generate many new insights from our faculties and university executives that we never thought of before.

Sdalwadi12 (talkcontribs)

The Change Model Canvas helped us gain more insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our ideas. We were able to look at our idea from the faculty perspective and understand their point of view. We learned that faculty lacked resources to implement creativity in lesson plans, which led us to look at how students could take charge of their own learning through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Collaboration and Feedback Help Make Change!

Lizzykubica (talkcontribs)

The Change Model Canvas Insights helped us get really useful feedback on both big ideas we have as well as the nitty gritty details of those ideas. Some of our main stakeholders in our process are our peers and students here at our university, so being able to talk to them and gauge their interest to potential priorities and projects was so important. It also helped us to see where the greatest need is in our community and allowed my team to discern where our attention should go first. Getting this type of organized feedback and reflection helps to establish proper goals, timelines, and priorities.

Pj.rodriiguez (talkcontribs)

I found that the lean startup approach allowed me to break down an ambiguous task that seemed ambitious and complicated, into a comprehensible plan to implement a solution. The rapid speed of research, prototype, and interview left me feeling as if my assumptions weren’t based on enough understanding of our current school’s I&E ecosystem, especially considering that certain I&E resources may have been available and easier to promote prior to the pandemic. However, I feel like this entire process achieved the goal of “starting the conversation” and facilitating more collaboration between students and faculty, a task that is now much more complicated given that it’s not possible to run down the hall going door to door in order to locate stakeholders. Framing the problem statement into a “How might we…” structure really helped me ideate different approaches to a solution and consider which variables would be necessary to implement it. I also found value in stating a “metric of success” that was dependent on who I was interviewing, as that allowed me to consider multiple audiences and potential effects for my proposal.

Fionajanec (talkcontribs)

I completely agree with the fact that walking through the Change Model Canvas helped us begin conversations we never thought to expect when developing our initiatives. Using the Lean Start Up approach has allowed us to break down the resources and details we need - at a minimum - to get started and moving forwards with our projects. Tailoring the Problem Statements for each stakeholder put in perspective how many different need we must consider to fully develop a successful initiative and I think that this is only the first iteration of many to ensure we have a successful launch year.

Nicoleimbert28 (talkcontribs)

The process of chatting with members of the ucu was very enriching, since we were able to obtain feedback from people who carried out similar activities or who have experience in working with students. They made us see a lot of things that we didn't think were important, and we were able to improve our action plan so that we could develop our ideas in the near future. At the same time, we are already in contact with these people and the idea is to keep asking them for advice as we move forward with our project.

Adam.yaba (talkcontribs)

It sounds like you went through the process solidly. In my opinion, one of the greatest products from stakeholder meetings is actually gaining allies and resources, which is a critical part of finding success in any project.

Nicoleimbert28 (talkcontribs)

Hi Adam, exactly, I think the best thing about our stakeholder meeting was getting to meet people that we hope to work with to carry out our projects. I hope that it has been the same for you, and many successes for your projects!

Thinking it through

Apoeske (talkcontribs)

The change model canvas was really helpful in thinking through the what, who, how, and why of our ideas. It helped us understand the difference between more concrete strategic goals versus the more vague objectives/ideas (much harder to come up with the steps, resources, pathways we'd need to accomplish them). It was a helpful exercise and so great to get input from stakeholders as we shared our ideas!

Sairaghavi.v (talkcontribs)

I have learnt alot from the change model canvas.This has given a chance to model whether our change strategy will work on campus by interacting with students and faculty.Change model canvas has taught me how to arrange work in order to make our strategy more efficient and sustainable. Interacting with my peers, faculty and stakeholders have given us a strong hope on our strategies which boosted us.Their suggestions have improved our strategies which are more beneficial to students

J.furst (talkcontribs)

That is true indeed. It furthermore helped us to evaluate how tangible our ideas were in the end, as things like Revenue streams and cost structure had to be thought through. Communicating with the relevant stakeholders about it also revealed a broad range of new challenges that may be involved in the development and possibilities how these could be tackled. The diversity of the opinions fine-tuned the ideas to an amazing extent!

Emilijabany (talkcontribs)

I completely agree with you all! The change model canvas and stakeholder meetings were incredibly helpful and eye opening. Especially the one-on-one stakeholder meetings, from those we learned how to improve our ideas and about possibilities to collaborate with certain faculties. Great and helpful exercises!

C.j.lamack (talkcontribs)

We used this to interview some newer stakeholders; they'll likely not be in the upcoming stakeholder meetings, so it was a great interview!

Padmavathinayak12 (talkcontribs)

The Change Model Canvas helped us realize better about the implementation part and the dynamics we are supposed to have. We realized new perspectives after interacting with the stakeholders. Their inputs were very insightful and we realized what was viable and what was not. We were able to learn a lot from the experience of the stakeholders. The extent to which our ideas were tangible was realized. We realized that our ideas were very cost efficient and could be sustained with some more changes to the marketing strategy. We even got over the hesitation in interacting with people.

A.bryant.3300 (talkcontribs)

In my experience this was the most important take-away form this experience. Along with overwhelming support many of the stakeholders that I have met with encouraged me and pushed me to think through different avenues to better develop my sense of who I am serving and what their needs really are.

Change Model Canvas Insights

Sebastiansoto02 (talkcontribs)

The Change Model Canvas was very helpful in building up the whole project and to have all its aspects under control.It made me think about some aspects i did not even consider before,so i find it useful and key if you want your project to succeed in having a real lasting impact

Marraztoas (talkcontribs)

In my opinion, it was very important this part of the exercise because I could dimension the idea that I want to implement in the Faculty. Actually, I would like to use it more in other things.

Nadiachamanach (talkcontribs)

Before the UIF training I thought that the Business Model Canvas only could be used in a business environment, nevertheless it wasn't. Now, I discovered it is a useful tool to iterate the projects and there is the possibility to change this model according to the type of the solution we are evaluating. I consider that the sustainable strategy it's one of the most important things because when we graduate we must ensure the continuity of the UIF proposals. Finally, making one canvas per stakeholder interview is the best way to evaluate different kinds of feedback.

Foxk3999 (talkcontribs)

The people that we invited were the ones that we thought were going to be the most helpful but now other people are being suggested who are people who do work out of their fields and it was amazing to interact with these people one on one and learn more about them and what they would like to see from our project.

Gangarapupuneeth (talkcontribs)

In this change model canvas I learnt a lot from the staff of the college to each and every student with whom I met. I received valuable feedback which will definitely make an impact with the idea that we are moving forward to. I learnt how to organize things and how to handle things which are not in our control.  I also learnt how to present things and communicate it to the people and many more. This is a wonderful experience for me to learn new things and these things definitely help in my personal life too.

Sine.nitish (talkcontribs)

The change model canvas is such a great thought interacting with faculty and sharing our thoughts and ideas with them is so great, we got a lot of insights from them. They Thought about how to balance innovation and students' needs. We shared our strategic priorities with them and explained our plan of action. They were impressed and gave suggestions to make more impact on students. They gave some ideas too like in MITS code they suggested having a blog type where students can ask doubts anonymously and any faculty or students can answer their questions in the comment section by this it helps those students who fell low to ask doubts, they can ask them anonymously.it's really a great interaction, helped us a lot and they also assured us to give their support whenever we need it.

Manvithabudda (talkcontribs)

I have learnt a lot many things from this Change Model Canvas. We have learnt how to plan and organise things to do the work in a strategic way. One to one Interactions with stakeholders helped us to improvise our strategies. For starting a project or strategy a lot of ground work is needed. And stakeholders boosted our confidence to work on the strategies in a better way. I learnt to make the plan first before implementing

Bryson (talkcontribs)

I think this activity helps you think about your priorities in a more robust manner. This ultimately helps mitigate some blind spots that you would otherwise be forced to learn along the way. Testing our assumptions with an objective-ish stakeholder is a great way to either affirm what you're already thinking, or re-think what you've been thinking. This exercise also helped me think about pace. The break neck pace of the UIF program can be a bit deceiving when you're confronted with making changes to a bureacracy, however nimble it might be. Thus, one thing I think I gleaned from my change model canvas is the importance of a healthy timeline. Much of what we're trying to do depends on relationships with other departments and institutions; these relationships shouldn't be rushed.

Snigdhaakkinapally001 (talkcontribs)

By this Change Model Canvas we got a chance to meet one on one stakeholders and got to learn lot of things. As I have got lot of inputs from stakeholders of different domains in different perceptive. It was wonderful talking to them one on one and got to know lot of information from them.

Challenge 5 - we have learned a lot!

Benjamin.typplt (talkcontribs)

The Change Model Canvas was a great preparation for the interviews. It gives you the opportunity to take a closer look at your idea or product, which helps to communicate your ideas to other people.

The interviews with university staff were also informative, as I got a new perspective on the project or idea. Of all the challenges, Challenge 5 was the most exciting and informative for me personally.

Hitaarthjainn2000 (talkcontribs)

We have learned so many things because of the Change Model canvas, specially related to the strategic priorities we had thought of. We got to know the viability, scalability, resources available and unavailable, their marketing and the ways to spread its awareness. We were guided well by our stakeholders and got to wonderful conclusions to make an efficient change on campus while we implement things. We feel lucky to actually inculcate entrepreneur values, ethics and morals within us, asking people (we interact with) the right question with more or less accurate precision. It has got us the capability to fearlessly interact with people, keeping the decorum, and getting to know their valuable inputs, by building patience, empathy and understanding. It has also got us future ready to build a stronger Innovation and Entrepreneurial domicile at our campus.